Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fun at the track

To wrap up the year, the last two TTY events were held at the track. Personally, I wanted to do them but the % grade of the Velodrome was completely freaking me out. The women had to do a 500m solo and 3k pursuit, while the men did a solo kilo and a 4K pursuit.

Jay and I got to the track early so I could warm up with little to no riders on the track with me. I rode the blue infield for 4 or 5 laps before Jay convinced me, quite reluctantly, to ride the black line. Before I knew it, it was my turn to race the 500m....I rode way too high on the track, teasing the red line and adding a couple bike lengths to my ride distance, but it blew my fears right out of my skin suit! Sure, I rode out of my aero bars, but I got 3rd of 4 women with a 51.5 seconds.
Jay rocked his Kilo in 1:15, even though the track is one of his least favorite things ever. Timmer, as usual, kicked major a$$ and won the Kilo.
Once my 3k came up, I was ready, willing and able, and focused on getting into my aero bars at some point...I had 12 laps to do it. I went out hard, trying to build up significant speed before hitting turn one. By turn three, I was mellowed out and in my groove, pedaling hard after Roller-Derby Bonita on the other side of the track. After 3 or 4 laps, I finally got the nerve to settle into my aero bars and I never looked back. The Slayer and I hammered out on the track that day, passing Bonita twice and taking second in the 3K in 5:02.8. Silver Cyclists in every Cat did great that day - Jay getting a new PR in the 4K in 5:12.5, Timmer winning left n right, Tone was fast n furious, and Russ was turnin' heads, crankin' out some fast times.

Photo by Tom Stuart

I have fallen madly in love with my TT bike...more than I ever thought I would. and sealing my fate as the 2007 Women's Open TTY winner! I couldn't believe it when I left the track that afternoon, that I had defeated yet another fear and had a blast in the mean time!

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