Monday, October 27, 2014

No Rock.. just straight up 'Roll'tober

The excitement of 'Rock'tober this year truly missed the boat with a disappointing lack of good music in Minneapolis this month.  Typically, we get out for a concert every week in Rocktober, but this year we scowered every inch of the City Pages often, desperate to find some band that we could enjoy in a dark, seedy, cramped venue.  Nothing. Nada. Zilch!

But, there was TONS to do when it came to bikes!  From amazing evening rides under beautiful canapoies of firey leaves, cool air commutes, and fast racin', there's been shortage of miles of smiles. 

We started Rolltober up in Cable, WI to celebrate our friends' wedding, complete with pre-wedding group rides along the gravel roads and Seeley Pass.  The temps were cool with a light rain, but we couldn't resist the mountain bikes in the woods on the eve of their wedding.  Mid-ride, the rain turned over into huge, fluffy snow flakes that coated the fall leaves on the side of the trail and made the ride seem almost magical.  It set the mood for a full weekend of celebrating true love, enjoying the Northwoods, and loving the ride.

The following weekend kept the love alive and growing as Jay and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage!  The traditional gift is Candy or Iron.. WTF?  Jay surprised me at Bandit CX on the night of our anniversary by taking me into the woods to our meet spot where some friends mingled about, waiting for the ride to begin.  There, leaning against a tree was a super sweet LaMere CX bike, done up with hot pink Donkey Label tires...'who's bike is that? It's HOT!'... 'It's yours', he said... double WTF?  He had built up my parts from my old cx bike on a brand new frame and decked it out in all hot pink, black, and white!  Pair that with a king size Kit Kat bar and you've got yourself the sweetest anniversary gift ever!

My husband often out does me elaborate gift giving, but this year I think I did okay.  He'd been borrowing Freaky's 1980's Ram Van "Rambling Fever" for a week or two, trying it out as a new race/travel vehicle and working every angle to get me to say okay to buying it.  So, after weeks of pretending I hated it, I gave him a bag filled with delicious chocolates and a picture frame at the bottom of us and the van...

With a poem that read:
Roses are red,
Candy is sweet.
Which Iron horse
Would make your stable complete?

He wasn't confident at first, but he soon realized I was saying 'yes' to him again, this time for the van.  Ahhh, all the new adventures we've yet to find!

And since, we've enjoyed checking out new trails at Theo Wirth (my new favorite!!), evening River Bottom rides with friends, and the final Mtn Bike race of the season down in Red Wing.  With yellow leaves falling like snowflakes on the course, it was an amazing end to the season, making it shockingly aware that I've already missed most of the CX season this year.  Jay's been rippin' it up, but I've been a lil late to jump in with both feet, but I think this weekend finally sealed it...

The course was amazingly fast with perfect off-camber sections in every part of the course, combined with natural berms and lots of room for recovery.  I tried to keep myself reined in and not blow up in a hole-shot move, but I got to the front on the first major curve in the course.  I kept the pace up, but allowed my heart rate to come down, waiting for someone to attack before we hit the first off camber section, but no one came.  So I attacked myself and tried to drop the field in the section that became my favorite over the course of the day.  It worked!  I stayed on the gas lap after lap, not letting myself settle in or catch my breath, forcing myself to go faster when I could.  And I held it for the win!  It was so awesome!

This fall has truly been amazing!  I hope these cool night rides and warm afternoon races don't end for a LONG time because this has been one of the most beautiful autumns yet!  Sure, I've got a HOT new thermal skinsuit from Podiumwear (yet to be revealed), but I can keeps these temps as long as possible.

Rollin' through fall,
Kristy Kreme

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