Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back in Action for 2012

After being sick for longer than I wanted to be, I decided Monday that enough was enough and kicked off my 2012 resolutions. I figure that if the Mayans are right, I'm going out with a bang... and a 6-pack!

Monday, with reduced lung-capacity and a sore throat, I started it off with an intense 30-min. Jillian Michaels Ab DVD. Somehow, she threw in a ton of planks and some sneaky inner-thigh work, making it hard to walk come Tuesday morning. Silly me, I figured a run for Tuesday's workout would be the perfect way to counteract the thigh soreness.... not exactly the case.

Wednesday morning, my abs hurt, inner thighs refused to cooperate after sitting for more than 30 minutes, and now my glutes and hams burned too. Sure, walking around the office was a challenge, but the worst was showing up at my Vertical Fitness class Wednesday night and having my instructor tell us that we were kicking off the lesson with pole sits (think of crossing your legs as hard as you can, trying to hold your body weight in one position). It was agony!

The rest of the class was fine, but the soreness followed me into Thursday. To keep my body guessing and the variety going, I chose Yoga for the daily workout, and it was just what I needed. By the end of hte night, I was back to normal and ready for the next rounds of daily workouts.

Friday was another round of Jillian Michaels, and today I did the video again, followed by some Vertical strength and skill training. Awesome way to start the day!!! Followed up with a perfectly ripe red grapefruit (no sugar needed) and my favorite coffee, and I was ready to take on the day.

So far, the daily workouts are going well. I've only had to fight minimal resistance within myself, but know the end product will be well worth it. I figure I only have to make it to February and by then it will be a habit, not just trying something new. Couple more weeks and I'll add in the bike, but right now I'm trying to feed my often neglected muscles and allow the overworked ones to recover.

Hopefully everyone else out there trying to make their life better in 2012 will enjoy it as much as I am :o) I told myself once in 2006 that it was up to me to make my life into the life I dream of... I did exactly that, going from an anti-social, pack-a-day smoker, online video gamer to an healthy adult athlete, good job, great friends, and awesome passion for cycling, writing, and enjoying life. So why not keep improving it year after year?

Cheers to making 2012 my b1tc#!
Kristy Kreme


Smithers said...

What awesome video games did you play?

Freaky said...

you're awesome!