Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 has a Sick sense of humor....

Ringing in the New Year was great, but it wasn't long before it decided to tell me who was boss. Mid-day Monday it started to settle in... post-nasal drip, the cold/hot temp juggling, and that suspicious feeling that something wasn't right. As the night rolled in, the mercury rose and my temps climbed to a healthy 103 by midnight.

I quarantined myself to the couch so not to get my hubby ill, and called in sick the next morning. Rosco stayed home with me and kept my freezing cold body warm as I covered my 102 degree head with chilled rags, trying to bring down the fever. The body aches were just the icing on the cake spending two days on the couch, falling in and out of sleep, getting up only for more ginger ale and bathroom breaks, and trying to eat even a bowl of soup.

Lucky for me, Nurse Rosco P. Caretaker was a super trooper! He slept all day with me, never tried to steal my cold wash rags, sat politely as I tried to eat soup, and sat protectively by the bathroom door every time I tried to shower off this wicked flu.

Rosco keeping the fever in check

By Thursday, I forced myself to step outside for fresh air, and bring my germy quilt to the laundrymat. It was exhausting at first, but I started to feel a bit better. My fever finally subsided, but my throat, lungs, and ears haven't taken the hint to cut the crap and kick the bugs out!

It kinda bums me out, since I actually made a New Years resolution this year, which I HATE to make! The mission was to work out for 30 or more minutes every day for the entire month of January to help ward off the winter blues and kick off the disciplined mind-set for getting into training this year. I made it two days before the fever kicked in and took away my home-gym membership... boo! But, the lack of appetite has balanced out the activity levels and I've avoided any weight gain.

I am excited, though, to get back on the program once this all passes. I've decided to mix up the work-outs to help recuperate after a long bike season and maximize strength and flexibility in areas that often go without love during the racing season. Yoga, core & uppper body strength, flexibility and balance, group fitness 'gymnastics' type classes, and of course some much needed time on the newly altered Franken-bike... 1/2 mtn bike, 1/2 fat bike....
But, then again, it's not just waiting on me to get better... we could probably use some SNOW or ICE first, eh?

Either way, once I'm better, it's ON! I'm just not patient enough to be sick and I'm ready to be done with it all.

On the mend,
Kristy Kreme

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