Monday, September 8, 2008

Henderson Team Time Trial

This past Saturday, Jay and I saddled up for the Henderson Time Trial in Henderson, MN. Jay and I got out the matching black n white skin suits and took on one of our fave races. Mine, cuz it was the very first race I ever did, just weeks after buying my first bike since childhood....Jay's cuz it has all his favorite things: time trial bikes, nice roads, tractors, and ME! hehehe

This was our second year racing together as a team and we had a time to beat! Last year, we finished in 37:41, including a slight episode of me bouncing into a cornfield after high-siding off my bike at the turn around. Bloody and freaked out, I got back on my bike and we finished under our goal time - it was quite the adventure. This year, C-Ray and the Silver Fox bet us coffee that we couldn't beat em....Though they got us by a couple minutes, Jay and I still rode and AMAZING time trial. Averaging 24.4 mph over the 15 mile course, Jay and I came in with all skin intact in 36:58!!! I couldn't have gone any faster, so I was absolutely ecstatic.

The couple that TT's together, stays together

Countin down the days,
Kristy Kreme

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