Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chilly Chili

Sorry to anyone who reads this for being such a boring blogger lately. What can I say - it's cold outside, I haven't been feeling 100%, and I'm kinda enjoying being lazy every now and then. But don't fret....spring will be here soon and, instead of not having much to write about, I'll just have no time to write it!

Other than running errands, watching the SuperBowl, or chillin' at home in my jammies, I had a fabulous time this past Sunday at the Chilly Chili Ice Race on Bush Lake. This year was cold, but nuthin compared to the 8 degree temps of last year! Schnickies - last year we couldn't drink the coffee fast enough before it froze.

Still no vigorous activities for me, so I joined the rest of the hecklers as Jay, the Chucker, and many more took on the icy lake. The course had a wicked downhill on the back side, causing many a rider to topple over their handle-bars. I know it hurt like crazy, but I'm super bummed that I missed Jay plummeting down it, bull-rider-style on the top tube. (If anyone has pics, PLEASE send 'em to me!) He wasn't having a very good race, dropping from the lead to barely hanging on to the top 10 within just a few laps. Chucker, on the other hand, was crankin' out the watts in second, hot on Ezra's tail in first.

As Jay was about to finish his 4th miserable lap, he saw that Ezra wasn't far behind.....if only he could get passed....Ezra would win.....and Hwood wouldn't have to go around again.....
But, If you're already at the finish line, what do you do? With his deadly-sharp studded tires, Jay proceeded to track stand 15 ft. from the finish for what could've been 2 minutes! Sure enough, Ezra was just about to pass him for the win and allow Jay to be done w/o having to do 5 laps......but that's not was EZ was thinking.

Ezra pulled a sweet move, turning away from the finish and straight into Jay for a gnarly, impromptu derby! EZ, knowing full well what Hwood had intended, tried hard to corale the exhausted rider passed the finish line. Within moments, the two were wrestling each other on the ice, trying to drag their opponent closer and closer to the finish. It was a comical display, as each one slipped and slided on the icy surface, falling and tumbling as we laughed and shouted.

With just feet to go, Chucker caught up, and EZ gave up the fight. He dashed across the finish to keep first, but lost the battle of wits with Hwood in the end. It was by far, the best belly laugh this girl has had in a long time! Thanks for the show, boys!

As for the next adventure....we're in the final countdown to the Tour of California! That's right - forget this sub-freezing crap! We're off to sunshine and bikes, baby.

Warmin' up already,
Kristy Kreme


pete said...

Hey Kristy,

I got a few of Jay going down the hill. If you want any larger let me know.


Lynne said...

Aw hell, I'm so jealous! It'd be so nice to go somewhere in February and do some actual riding. You know, get the legs doing something besides crossing thigh-over-thigh at the dinner table as they grow ever wider and floppier ;-)

Maybe next year....

Can't wait to see your California report.

dan i. said...

I didn't get the memo that it was supposed to be like a cross race, i.e. everyone finishes on the same lap. I got passed by Ezra on lap 3 ( I was the one of the CX bike ). So, I kept going and did 5 laps. I know I wasn't the only one. I peeked at the results and that must of been why Jay was listed in 17th place behind me. Oh well, it was certainly fun.