Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Snowball in Hell

Saturday was another fab edition of Snowball's Chance in Hell! Screw the sub-zero windchills.... throw on an extra layer.... fill the flask.... and just get yer a$$ out there.Jay and I headed out to Brownie Lake for the annual Snowball's Chance in Hell & Cold Hard Dash for Cash bash. Being as cold as it was, we didn't last more than a couple hours, but we had a ton of time to enjoy the day with our friends. Wheels, Timmer, KK, Zitox, the BuzzArd, Geno, and about 50 more of our coldest friends took their spots either by the fire or in the saddle on the frozen lake.Jay, the total sneak that he is, signed me up for the frozen crit as soon as we arrived. There I am, numb from the inside out, enjoying the sunshine, when I got called to the line with 8 ice-hungry men for the sweet figure 8 crit. Still on the repair regime, I hung out in back as they dodged and derbied, shovels-full of snow flying in the air. But, I did my part - they can't past the slowest rider - so I pedaled against gravity just fast enough to remain upright until I could get out of harms way and release the hounds.

Jay was having a blast too and made it to the finals.
But it was Wheels who rocked it hard - He made have taken the cake, but I think I was thawing my toes when they announced the champ. Oops.

After the crit, Jay and I warmed up our abs by laughing our a$$e$ off on the pink ski bike (Jay has the pics and vids, so you'll just have to stay tuned until I can get some sort of montage up!). It was a riot, riding down the small banks on the side of the lake on a bike-er-snowboard creation..... just imaging ditchin' yer wheels and boltin a pair of snowboards in their place!

I am so fortunate to live such a charmed life! Thanks baby, for inviting me into your world.
Thawin and playin,
Kristy Kreme


Tone Coughlin said...

Sorry I couldn't make it out there. I couldn't hear Jay on the phone and I was blown from the swim meet.

Looks like tons of fun!

Kyia said...

Kristy, I am trying to get in touch with Jay, could you tell him to give me a call. Kyia