Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do one thing a day that scares you... Bikes, Yoga, and Brussels Sprouts

With the long, cold days of winter finally behind us *knock on wood*, it's glorious to finally feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.  It's been so long since I've written, but not for lack of adventures...

Fat bikes, ice racing, and loads of work hours at a new gig helped kept me busy through winter, but the length of it definitely challenged my disposition.  By the end, I was certain I was getting SAD.. desperate for sun and warmth, overwhelmed with snow and shoveling, struggling to take a moment to sit and write.  grrrrr

Luckily, my new gig with lululemon got me experimenting with yoga.  Hot Yoga at Modo was a lifesaver, thawing me out on the cold days and loosening up my body from long hours on the bike.  (So what they say about yoga IS right!)  

Then, outta nowhere, spring sprung!  I went from layering up beyond reason to wearing my Girl Fiend tank everywhere!  I've been taken over by an extreme desire to be outside and stay there.  We've gotten out the mtn bikes, hit the time trials, and Tuesday night criteriums. Phenomenal racing with a growing Girl Fiend Cycling Team has been amazing!

And the newest adventure, commuting to the mall via bike, has been amazing and so therapeutic.  Jay laid out 2 great routes for me to get to the mall from home or the bike shop where the traffic is minimal and I'm granted the peace and quiet to sort of meditate along my ride.  The splendor of nature that I find along the way as I pass through Fort Snelling State Park, meandering along the river, taking in the birds, deer, and one massive turtle has helped alleviate the winter depression that had set in.
Have bike... will ride... and explore.
Rode to a new yoga studio to try Ashtanga for the first time
Trust your husband's verbal directions on new bike route to work
Commuting to work in my awesome Girl Fiend/Podiumwear team kit because I just love it!
Rode with the ladies and finished with a private yoga class at the shop with the lovely Lisa Hobson!
Took a two week meditation course
Tried brussel sprouts & kale for the first time.. and liked it!
Took an aerial yoga workshop (so dizzy, but so fun)
Planted flowering vines from seeds for the first time
Took a Visual Merchandising class through work
Completed my first drive train overhaul at the bike shop
Tried a spin class for the first time (I was the only one who left bleeding #fail)

Although I haven't been writing, I've had lots of adventures, big and small.  They say "Do one thing a day that scares you" and I've tried to as often as I can.  Trying new activities, new foods, exploring new places... enjoying the journey of finding new things that delight me and make my day better to balance stress and struggles.  It's been up and down, sideways and up-side down.

It's a personal challenge to keep myself on the path that brings me joy rather than one that meets expectations.  But this life affords me time and energy to enjoy great things... like warm summer bike rides with my closest friends.  Tuesday night was fantastic.. I got to ride with Sarah and Teresa on a warm night, meandering through Minneapolis with no direction in mind.  We found ourselves at the Stone Arch Bridge and took a few minutes to stop and enjoy the magnitude of the rushing water below.


We finished the ride with beers and snacks as we watched the sunset as we got to catch up on life.  We didn't want the night to end but getting across town without lights kept us on task.  It's the relationships and memories that we create that truly make life better!

It's just so amazing to live in such an area that I can get around on my bicycle, explore new things, enjoy time with the best people around!  The only bummer is that there's so much fun to choose from, that household chores kiiiinda get neglected. #wearittwice Yeah... we're the people who's Christmas tree is still up!  But, to my defense, it's only 18" tall and easy to overlook on the end table it sits on..  Heck, maybe we're just ahead of the game this year, eh?

Either way, I'm low on regrets and flush with stories.  Sounds like a good way to roll to me.  So, the big question no is:  What scary thing to take on next?

Feelin' Courageous,
Kristy Kreme

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