Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another day in Print-adise

The last couple weeks have lead me and Teri back to the workshop to prep for 2 big Girl Fiend Designs orders.  The greatest part about it was spending some quality time with our homemade screenprinting press... getting to know her a little better and figuring out what SHE wants to do.

Yep, the press is a She.  And, when we figured out that she helps us make cooler shirts when we're blasting zef beats by Die Antwoord, it was a no-brainer to name her after front woman and our fave badass chic, Yo-landi.

With many hours in the shop, doing full order runs of our Girl Fiend, Hell on Wheels, and our latest and greatest design, we started to see the subtle quirks and shifts that Yo-landi's wooden frame had.  Best of all, we figured out how to crank up the music louder and use them to our advantage.

 The result:  two awesome days of printing and a wicked awesome new design that neither of us has stopped wearing!

The Lioness of Flanders!  Girl Fiend-style.

The official Lion of Flanders is a Belgian flag with red toenails.  The more popular version has black toenails, representing the outcasts or separatists who want to emancipate the Flanders region from Belgium to preserve the Dutch language and Flemish culture in history.

As Girl Fiends, we took our love for cycling, Belgium, and the iconic Lion of Flanders and gave it a purple nurple...   Hot pink toenails stand up for bad ass chicks, the flowing mane sharpened into points to emphasize the dark and dangerous.... and the mischievous horns have replaced the softer ears.  It has quickly become both of our new favorite shirts!

And, once we showed them off to Hollywood, he placed an order on the spot to fill up his shelves with The Lioness of Flanders, Girl Fiend, and Hell on Wheels!  Now available at Hollywood Cycles!

With three more designs yet to complete for summer, we still have a lot of hours yet to put in, but I'm so excited to watch each one come to life.  As a kid, I used to cut stencils out of thin plastic, tape them down on a blank shirt, and slowly paint between the lines.  It's so cool to have now grown into bigger and better methods & designs.

Printing in Print-adise!
Kristy Kreme

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