Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebrating 4 Years of Wedded Bliss

This past Thursday marked my 4th wedding anniversary to my night in shining armor, Jay, and the first day of a LOT of partying and having fun.
To begin, we took part in Spyeglass/SED's Grand Opening party & art auction.  It was fun to meet a ton of new people, and a joy to see Teri's piece in the auction!  Unfortunately, I got outbid. :(
But that didn't mean we couldn't keep partyin!  Randy & Teri treated us to dinner at the Longfellow Grill to fill our bellies before the 'afterparty' began.  It was all so delicious and our time together was perfect!  

DNF rocked our asses to close out the night and it was awesome!  We headed home to rest up and start again the next day.  Friday, we spent a short bit cleaning the shop up and putting away all the gear, warmly basking in the fun we'd had the night before.  Then, Jay swept me off my feet after work for a special date night with just him.  We headed out to Wok in the Park for some tantalizing fresh Asian cuisine.

We ate more food than we should have, but didn't dare resist their homemade Key Lime Pie... oh my... it was DELIGHTFUL!  So light and fluffy, sweet, with fresh cut kiwis on top.  It was gone in seconds.
We retired home completely satisfied and spent the evening in each other's arms and the puppy by our side.  
Come Saturday morning, we were up and ready to take on the world at the 'Cross at the Y' cyclocross race.  The cool, drizzly air was exactly what a CX race should be, and we were happy to toe the line and get moving.  I was racing out of my mind, hanging on to the leaders on my single speed for the first two laps!  Yowza!  Although they gapped me in the sand-pit on the second lap, I was able to retain my position throughout the rest of the race, staying away from the chasers to finish 4th in the women, 2nd in my category!  Bitch, please!

Jay rode awesome in the single speed race as well, so we were happy to return home for a well-deserved afternoon nap at home.  

Last stop for the weekend, the 4th round of Theo Wirth CX race!  The gloomy grey skies opened up as we arrived and we cheered as the sun lit up the beautiful fall colors in the open field as we prepped to race.  Unfortunately for me, the course got the best of me and my back proved to be my undoing on the stairs.  I dropped out 1/2 way through to ease the pain, but Jay hung in there for 2 races back to back, taking 5th in the single speed race, then 2nd in the 35+!  I was so proud of him!

We headed home to hang with the puppy and soaked in our contentment as the sun began to set on our week's adventures.  Enveloped in my husband's arms, the cool fall air crept in on us and twilight came, but I was warmed inside and out by the pure splendor of living my life... married to my best friend... and every year just keeps getting better.

Still madly in love,
Kristy Kreme

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