Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wurkin' on a comeback

So, after taking a whole 8 months off of bike racing (not exactly by choice.. more by necessity), Jay and I decided to head up to the great N Wisconsin to take on the Pre-Fat mountain bike race.  We stayed at our favorite KOA and set up shop for a great weekend of Scamping and riding.

We got up a little later than we planned, so our first night was low-key with dinner at the Sawmill Saloon and a quiet night at the campground with our pal Mark K. and the best lil traveler, Rosco.  Morning came early, but it felt great to tie a number on again.

When the horn sounded, I took to the road from three rows back, holding tight to the leaders from the start.   As we climbed the first hills a mile in, I was sitting as the women's leader, but my lack of base miles soon reminded me of how much I've 'trained' without knowing it over the last few years.  Three miles in and the ladies began catching me, but I kept turning over the gears as best I could.  Although my climbing speed wasn't where I wanted it to be, I flew down the descents faster than I'd ever done before.... I guess all the winter riding and minimal summer single-track riding I've done this year is paying off.

At one point, Big Daddy Don and his tandem from hell came by me (they'd had some ragin' technical problems), so I jumped on and pushed myself to ride at their pace.  It was awesome letting go of the brakes and screaming down the ski trails and, to my pleasure, their pace on the climbs was a mellow enough pace for me to recover.

As we climbed the last path to the finishing straight-away, my final reserves fired and I screamed to the finish to take 10th and 1st in my age group.  It was awesome!  Jay had a great race too and, once he finished, we returned to the campsite for a restful night of relaxation.

To our surprise, it was Pet Weekend at the KOA and the fun was endless.   Jay, Rosco, and I went to watch the agility contest only to find out there were still openings for contestants.  As Jay and I pointed feverishly at one another, the crowd giggled and I snatched everything out of his hands to force him to do it.  They were a hoot!  Sure, he had to drag Rosco through the weave, but it was the awesome golf-clap they received when Rosco jumped over the bar that was most fun.

Although they did it in great time, Rosco & Jay finished 4th... but I'm sure the awards went to the kids just cuz they were kids, since 2nd place literally dragged his dog through EVERY obstacle.  :o)  Either way, we put the tired puppy to bed and slipped off into the warm breeze for a rematch of putt putt golf.

Defending Champ - Kristy Kreme - won by 4 strokes Sept. 2011
Challenger - Hollywood

The temps were warm and the breeze was gentle on our skin as we took to the 18-hole course at twilight.  Its silly I'm sure, but these moments make me feel like newlyweds or maybe even newly-dating all over again.  Maybe it's the 'silly' in it that makes everything feel so light and so free... and it's definitely why I love camping and playing like kids at our favorite KOA's!

Anyways, the game was close through the first nine, but then I came on!  Sure, he can ride a bike better than me with one leg, a flat tire, and no chain... but my papa taught me how to putt!  What?  Three holes in one?  Bitch, please!!!  Yeah, not only did I beat last year's score, but I wiped the floor with my beloved and we had a great time doing it!  Thanks, KOA!

Yeah, it was hard to leave come the next morning... early albeit, so I could make it to work by ten... but we know it won't be long til we sneak away again and make another memorable weekend out of trees, dirt, and the great outdoors.

Thanks to our Scamp that has taken us to so many new places, thanks to the KOA for awesome memories, thanks to a crazy bee in my bonnet that told me to by a bike in the first place, but most importantly, thanks to my husband for all the adventures and joy we share... no matter how big or small.  My heart overflows with love and joy..

Simply put.... Happy,
Kristy Kreme

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