Saturday, October 15, 2011

Three wonderful years and a great start to a new season

Jay and I just had the wonderful pleasure of celebrating three awesome years as husband and wife. As we've done for the last three years, we attended the Theodore Wirth Cyclocross race on an unseasonably warm day. Temps in the 80's and a cloudless sky pulled the sweat to the skin's surface as we anxiously awaited our first cross races of the year.

All of my rhythm, I failed to warm up for my race and lined up at the back of the pack come start time. The race went straight up a hill to begin with and I rode a mellow pace to avoid blowing all to hell in the first 30 seconds of the race. For the first two laps, my legs and lungs screamed at me as I suffered in last place out of some 15-20 riders.
Three laps in and the ole legs finally woke up and it was Game On. I started eating up riders as I sailed through the trails and over the barriers. Lap after lap, I moved up and Jay cheered wildly from the edge of the course. Being my first 'cross race of the year, I made him swear never to mention what place I was in or to say I needed to move up.

I kept on the gas and attacked every rider I could find all the way to the finish. As I collapsed from heat and exhaustion just 10 feet after the finish, I was astonished when Jay said I'd moved myself up to 6th overall! Bitch, please!!!!! I wound up taking 3rd in the 3's and had NO IDEA! It was the most insane finish to a hot and dusty race.

Jay didn't fail to live up to our marital glory and killed it in his race too! The mountain-biker-friendly course was perfect for him to flex his cyclocross muscles early in the season. He was bombing the technical downhills and railing across the flats and trails. After all these years, he's a natural and no lack of training in the last couple of weeks was noticed. Flawless..

It was pretty awesome to watch my hubby pull off a third place finish... 3 happy years together, both of us taking 3rd place! Ah, that's love! There was lots of celebrating, rest, and recovery after such hard efforts, but the utter joy made it all worthwhile.

Starting to catch the Cyclocross fever,
Kristy Kreme

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