Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just trying to thaw out...

I'm sure it's not just me, but this has felt like one of the longest winters ever. Too cold to ski, too much snow to ride the roads or ride most trails on a standard mtn bike... oi, I am quite ready for it to be over.

Got out two weeks ago, though, when the temps finally passed the 40's by. It was awesome! About 16-17 of us took of on one of Timmer's best routes for a great 53 mile cruise out to Farmington and back. It was perfect! Sure, my legs felt a little slow but the hills didn't intimidate me like they did last spring.

This past weekend, we did it again, even though the temps were about 20 degrees less than last weekend. The air was chilly, but it got our legs pumping that much harder, rocking out the full route without losing a minute.

I just wish the snow would melt and the ice would disappear already! I've commuted a couple times, but decided to hang up my fender bike for a couple more days til the ride is a little safer in the morning... sure, I know people commute all year 'round, but it's just not in my bag of tricks just yet.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for great weather to come - I gotta ride!

Other than sleeping and watching the tube all winter, we've tried to walk a little on the wild side to keep the blood pumpin'. The best was rockin' out at Motley Tuesday's for Jay's 40th birthday!
The whole crue came out to ring in 40 years at the Star Bar. The drinks were cheap, the music awesome, and the laughs endless.

Jay's brother John even flew in from NY to celebrate!

Riff raff... 'nuff said.

If you've never seen it - get yourself out there! Every Tuesday night!

Hollywood & his band, DNF, rocked out and kept us all entertained.

John even brought the bagpipes with to jam out my favorite AC/DC ballad.

Partyin' on until the snow melts,
Kristy Kreme

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