Sunday, January 16, 2011

Double Ice Victory

Out on Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior last weekend, Hollywood helped design a killa new ice race course. It was the second year for this event, and it was HANDS-DOWN the best one yet!

With a couple inches of snow fall the night before the race, Hollywood, the Chucker, and I went to the lake a couple hours early with shovels to make sure it was perfect come race time. Chris McCormick and his team of helpers puttin' on the race were there with shovels in hand and we attacked the course right away, shoveling right down to glare ice for almost the entire course. Three sections were left with 10" deep worth of snow to navigate through, making it a sweet, tail-floating addition.
The Hardcore race went first, and twenty-some tough MN-mutha's toed the line, under layers and layers of thermal gear. As Jay pointed out when we first met, I must be part 'Dude', because I was the only chica to take on the Hardcore race. Forget the easy win... it dialed it up to 11, making it that much harder since now I was out to beat the men!

Hollywood, the Chucker, and I went balls out for the holeshot once the race began, and we went through the first turn together in 1st, 2nd, and 4th (DeathRider snuck in front of me for third). I pushed my lungs to the limit, trying to maintain contact with Hwood & Chucker, holding on to a top five position for longer than I thought I could.
The studs in my tires grabbed the ice and never let up, allowing me to fly through the course without touching my brakes. Hollywood and Chucker were takin' it to DeathRider and the rest of the ice-hungry racers, tearing away off the front of the race. I held my position well, maintaining a top-ten placing throughout the race (eighth place maybe?). Coming up to the finish on our last lap, Hollywood had the hammer down in first, Chucker was giving it to DeathRider by holding the 2nd place finish just outside of his reach and Caveman was riding out an impressive 5th place!
At the final turn, Hollywood came up on me and we rolled the finish line together with arms held high! After 200+ races, this was our first win ever on the same day - and we got to finish together! It was awesome! ... by the way, if anyone has a photo of it, please let me know - I would love to see it....

What a perfect day - great weather, awesome course, tough competition, spectacular win! We got into warm clothes as fast as we could and watched the beginners take on the course. After the finish of their race, we all retreated to the basement of Jake O'connor's for some tasty brews and awards.

Yeah, Black n' White! Another great ice race on the books, with more to come. Keep your eyes open for the St Paul Winter Carnival's Ice Race (put on by none other than Hollywood!) and the Loppet Ice Race in February.

Stay Warm!
Kristy Kreme

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epicmtbrider said...

Kristy Kreme,

I love the posts on your site. Keep em coming. Your story is a bit off though. I finsihed 4th, 2 places ahead of Death Rider. I was in 3rd until I went down hard. I'm shooting hard for the 3rd spot, and a Hollywood Cycles sweep of the podium for the next 2 Ice Races. See you there!