Thursday, October 21, 2010

Square Dance in Hell

Hwood & Timmer took me out last night to First Ave so I could get my first dose of Hank III, the hellbilly son of Hank Williams, Jr. The stage was lit up in red, the air was warm, and the place was packed. It felt like it had been ages since my last show and I was instantly entranced... the sounds, the lights, the hands in the air... it was mesmerizing, as it always is. (why I never went into the music biz is beyond me)

The crowd was awesome - a psychodelic blend of urban cowboys, punk kids in skinny jeans, gals in hoodies with guys in camo trucker hats, chicks in plaid mini skirts, and a guy that looked like Jay (from the duo Jay & Silent Bob) in a backwards cap, long hair, and denim overalls.... awesome! They all sang along at the top of their lungs, thrusting fists in the air, and slamming into each other when the pace increased.

Then, roaming the room with my eyes, I settled on the reddened stage to find a crue of musicians, hard-driving out every song with a fury. I couldn't help myself from closing my eyes and riding the bass line as Hank strummed the guitar strings in a blur.
Hank lit up the stage with his firey lyrics, gritty country voice, and electric stage presence. To add to the energy, Assjack was amplified beyond imagination, getting the crowd jumping & fist pumping in unison.

The square dance turned a page and entered the gates of hell with screams and testosterone blasting our ears as sweat flew from Assjack's face and Hank let down his hair and rode shotgun. Around midnite, though, us old folks wrapped up the party and headed out, generously satiated on rock n roll.

It was ridiculously awesome! And I can't wait to see Hank III again! Thanks for a bitchin' good time.

Ears still ringing...
Kristy Kreme

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