Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Falling in love with my little white fox

Last Thursday kicked off the "Thursday Nite Buck Hill" races and the event was awesome! Perfect weather, dry trails, and my hot new mtn. bike made the night perfect.

Just hours before, Hollywood swapped out my old, re-welded-together Tomac frame that Chucker had given me, for my new hot, white Tomac Cortez... a 26" hardtail, aluminum dream! All pristine and white, the matching everything completely steals your eyes away from all my hand-me-down parts that I still haven't upgraded. Uncle Sam may have given me enough to buy the new frame and fork, but he kept my crankset money.... grrrr.
I was just a fraction tentative about riding the new 'Little White Fox' for the first time at a race, but she flew threw my warm up lap so gracefully, it all melted away. Dork that I am, I got a pretty dull starting position, but was able to get her up the climb fast enough to be about the 4th woman into the trees. Once I was there, though, I felt so very at home. She was light and responsive, and floated effortlessly below me as I bombed downhills that last year I had to walk down. It was so exhilirating!

Not knowing how I finished, I was shocked as heck when my name was called for third place!!! YOWZA! Last year I couldn't even ride the whole course without having to walk certain sections, but this time I rode everything! So much fun!

To follow it up, we headed out to the Freewheel Frolic on Saturday for another warm sunny day of racing. Unknown to Hwood and I though, a storm was headed our way and ready to bombard my race with rain, thunder and lightning. After an hour and a half delay due to all the lightning, the races started up again on a crazy muddy course.

At the start, I took the hole-shot and led the gals through the prologue. As we returned to the line to start our first lap my teammates Desta and Sophia and another girl came around me, headed for the left turn into the single track. Desta was the first to arrive and find out exactly how slippery it was, washing out in 3 inches of slick, sloppy mud and causing the rest of the group to grab handfuls of disc brakes.

Sophie and I turned into the single track without hesitation and fishtailed like crazy around every turn... well, every straight-away too for that matter. It was unbelievably slippery, watching the riders we caught either struggle through the mud, or lose the fight and slide out completely. We were covered in mud - feeling in drop into the vents of our helmets, whip up onto your back, in our ears and mouth.... everywhere.

But it was awesome! I just kept thinking of how much it reminded me of riding snowy trails this winter and was overwhelmed with gratitude for all the things my husband taught me during those rides. The mud wasn't a burden or an annoyance... it was a blast! I'm not saying it was easy at all, but it was fun as hell so the challenge only made it better.

My front derailleur gotta lil dirty

Well, heck, the whole fox did.... but she sure looks hot wearin' the hardware!
The best part of having so much fun, was taking home another 3rd place finish! That, and a now-40-lb.-bike. Holy crap! There was so much mud on my bike that my front derailleur quit shifting after a lap, leaving me in my bad-a$$ big ring. By the last climb of my final lap, I was single-speeding it as my rear derailleur got too jammed to move too. Did I mention how awesome it was?!

My teammate Sophie sealed the win, and Desta came up with a fast 5th place finish. Hwood even rode awesome in the much less muddy Expert race, taking 10th overall and winning his age group. Too bad he felt the need to flash his wiener on the podium....

I love my Little White Fox!
Kristy Kreme

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